Receiving a lot of “no engine matches” errors

SER tries to identify urls and match their CMS/platform/engine to a specific engine in SER so that it knows what forms to fill and how to proceed.  When it can not find a matching engine it displays no engine matches.

When using the auto approve list there are a few things that can impact this.

  • Check your proxies to make sure they are working, note that you need private/shared proxies for posting to lists.  If a proxy does not download all of  page then it can cause this issue.
  • Check your timeouts in program options, ideally they will set to 180 or more.  If it is not a long enough timeout then all of the page may not download and SER may not know that the entire page is not downloaded and may qualify it as no engine match.
  • If you are loading lists directly into projects (such as “Import Target Urls”), and you do not have every platform checked and all proper data loaded, then you can get no engine matches.  The reason for this is that if you load in the whole list, which say contains url blog comments and guestbooks, and then you don’t have those platforms checked in your specific project your posting to, then the url may be one that is compatible with SER, but it doesn’t match an engine in your project options so you get “no engine matches”.  Ideally you would bring urls into SER via the box live sync and using the global folders, such as slot 2 (submitted) as described in the video.  Even then though, SER can load 10K+ urls into a project from the list at a time, and if it posts to some of them and then you change the engines its building links to, for the rest of that small list its going to throw non engine match errors on any platform that doesn’t match your new project engine selection.

Of course the list is purged at regular intervals, but in between purges some platforms will die/go offline/change to a new CMS/upgrade to a not yet compatible version etc… and these will also yield no engine matches.  So this will normally occur sometimes, but if it occurs a Lot then reference the above.


Everything is great and then all of a sudden you have good submissions but start getting very low verified links

There are various project settings that can combine together to cause SER to sort of “reach a wall” and not move further, if you will.  These settings are fine to use because it may help you build the types of links you want to build, but when you reach the point that all of a sudden your getting very low verified links, then here is what you need to do:

  • Delete your Target URL Cache – To clear the Target URL Cache, using the shift or control keys, select all of the projects you want to use. Then, Right Click, Modify Project >> Delete Target URL Cache.
  • Delete your Target Url History – To clear the Target URL History, using the shift or control keys, select all of the projects you want to use. Then, Right Click, Modify Project >> Delete Target URL History.  SER will then ask you if you want to delete the created accounts data as well – this is up to you.  If you have a purpose for saving it then you can, other wise go ahead and delete it as you don’t need it.  (its already saved in your verified urls report for each project with each link)
  • Replace your email accounts – Generally its a good idea to use about 10 email accounts per project.  You can use more or a little less if you want, but its better to use less and replace them more often then it is to just load up 100 per project and let it run forever.  Meaning loading 100 emails will make the project run longer but it will build links slower.  So for efficiency sake its better to use about 10 mails per project.

    So if you have 18 projects and you want to use 10 mails each then thats 180 mails.  Copy the 180 mail accounts to your clipboard or save them to a file.  Then again using the shift key or ctrl key select all the projects that you want to work with and then right click and go to modify project >> import >> email accounts >> then either choose clipboard or file.   SER will spread the email accounts evenly across the accounts and then it will ask you if you want to delete existing email accounts, choose YES delete existing accounts.